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Life Enhancing Courses & Retreats Built on Balanced Mastery®
Give us 10 months and we'll change
your team...your enterprise...and your life!

Build Confident Leaders
Exhibit and Mentor Optimism
Grow a Team that Triumphs
Add Vision and Meaning to Work with the Griggs Mastery Academy

"Balanced Mastery- A Lifestyle Worth Living"

Griggs Achievement has pioneered a new concept called Balanced Mastery. By combining the best of career accomplishment and life balance, we offer instruction, products, and books that teach how to reach goals. The result is sustained accomplishment by well-rounded professionals. 

Like the elements of a masterpiece, we integrate the factors that yield lasting success. While providing premium quality services, we run our business with the highest respect and concern for our instructors, our authors, and especially, our valued clients. It all came together with a book called Professional Balance.

Communication & Assertiveness Skills
High Performing Teams
Blue Ocean Innovation
Balanced Mastery (pilot & keynote)
Metrics & Decision Making
Public Speaking Skills
Handling Difficult People & Situations

Balance is the tool... Achievement is the Goal... Mastery is the Dream!

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