Brainstorming is Dead… Try Rolestorming



Listed as a Top 10 Creativity Tool in the World

Rick Griggs invented Rolestorming (Training Magazine, 1985) after working at National Semiconductor and Intel corporations. This presentation outlines how fear and ridicule kill great ideas in normal brainstorming and product marketing sessions. Rick will tell you how he used Rolestorming to fix this in Silicon Valley and how you can use it with your family, your teams, your practice and your organization.

You will learn why the best order of operations in marketing a product is to address opportunities first; followed by prevention and only then should you deal with problems. It may hurt, but in the long run this habit will do more good than spending valuable time on avoidable problems. Griggs uses the saint-sinner-winner roles to spark neural connections in the brain that lead to truly creative and innovation solutions to team and product issues.

Recently presented at the American Dental Association annual meeting.  

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