Team Survival Simulations

5 Team Simulations

We worked for an average of three years developing the Griggs Achievement team simulations. These original scenarios have been designed for high impact participation and long-term memory recall—teaching individuals and teams how to survive. Infused with images of Classical Mythology and enduring legends, they guide teams through progressively difficult tests of communication, risk, trust, leadership, change, confusion and chaos.

Cutting the Gordian Knot


The Guns of Navarone


Da Vinci’s Brushes


The Confidence of Napoleon


Trust & the Trojan Horse



Cutting the Gordian Knot 

Gordian_Knot_1_webBased on Alexander the Great’s exploits with Cutting the Gordian Knot, the team must select leadership, communicate plans, and creatively problem-solve in order to unravel the challenges in the 20’-30’ rope. Blindfolds serve as the metaphor for organizational life; the “consultant” symbolizes available resources.   Back to the top





The Guns of Navarone:

GunsOfNavarone_webBuilding on the first simulation, the Guns of Navarone tightens the confusion and near-chaos that the team must navigate. With orders to arrange the “cannon-balls” into sequential firing order, the team employs the TRADER, the WILDCARD, and the OFF-LIMITS balls to successfully complete each 60-second trial. Success depends on balancing planning versus practicing, team courage, personal attitude, and sustained initiative.   Back to the top



Da Vinci’s Brushes:

Simulation-_Da_Vinci_2_webLearning to communicate a vision is the goal of the Da Vinci’s Brushes simulation. As the blindfolded maestro directs; the painters use their selected watercolors to do what they are told. Rounds 1 and 2 demonstrate the outcomes of authoritarian leadership versus a more participative approach. Completed “masterpieces” are often jealously archived for future learning and laughs.   Back to the top



The Confidence of Napoleon:

Confidence_of_Napoleon_webOur newest ‘Renaissance Experience’ simulation parallels the development of our Confidence & Charisma course. The emperor Napoleon lost half of his major battles. The confidence that Bonaparte showed in winning and losing has been chronicled in thousands of books on this Corsican who made good and bad. Real confidence works wonders but other leadership skills can assist. Remember, Napoleon was sent into two exiles. This intense simulation draws each attendee back in time to learn a current skill.   Back to the top




Trust & the Trojan Horse:

TrojanHorseThis one gets intense! The villagers must protect the water supply. Using a combination of villagers, invaders, and ambassadors, the Trust & the Trojan Horse simulation delves into suspicion, trust, sabotage, and cooperation. Depending on which team uses or avoids the food coloring dyes, the village water supply will remain clear and drinkable or poisoned. Teams learn the dynamics of how suspicion and secrecy affect trust and cooperation.   Back to the top


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